Dudios T8 TWS Headphones - Reviews

Inexpensive but rather good sounding TWS headphones.
The T8 earbuds are comparatively inexpensive Bluetooth 5.0 TWS headphones with touch controls. There is very little to set it apart from the multitudes of other TWS headphones which are currently available on Amazon - let’s see if there’s something special about these.
The case is made of plastic and appears to be somewhat more rugged feeling than the lightweight case supplied with the Tronsmart Bold’s for example. The outside of the case has a soft touch which gives it a slightly more premium feel than the typical shiny cases that’s found on many others. The case charges using USB C and features one LED to display the various charge states. Both the sockets for the headphones and the case lid feature magnets and, whilst not being the strongest I’ve come across, basically do the job. One nice touch is the slight ‘bump’ at the front of the lid which helps when opening the case up. Dudios claims that the battery life on the earbuds themselves is rated at 5.5 hours and the case offers up to 35 additional charge hours.

The T8’s have a definite Airpod Pro look to them. Unfortunately they don’t offer the same active noise cancellation that you would find with the Airpods - but at this price it would almost certainly sound appalling. As it is, the earbuds feature touch-controls and, rather surprisingly considering their price point, they offer remote volume controls. I found the touch controls to work really well - easily as good as the Sony WF1000XM3’s. Unfortunately this type of touch sensitive control also kinda stops you being able to wear them in bed.
Although they're made of plastic, they don't feel particularly cheap. I haven't really had the chance to test out the battery life as I rarely get the chance to listen for that long. Signal appears to be pretty good and they do go loud. They're lightweight which definitely helps maintain a good fit and, most importantly, they sound good.

Sound Quality
The Dudios T8's sound surprisingly neutral. I expected them to be overly bassy (as this often seems to be the case with many of the inexpensive TWS headphones out there. The T8's have a somewhat mellow character - offering a nice non-fatiguing listening experience. I couldn't detect any significant noise floor and the headphones connected quite quickly to my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8). All in all, a not-bad pair of headphones.
One thing that really did surprise me when I started looking at the settings on my phone was that the T8's are SBC only - no APtX - no AAC. I have to admit that I found this really surprising when you take into account the pretty good sound quality they're capable of.

I like these. They're a capable, inoffensive sounding pair of well designed headphones. They are definitely an improvement on my last pair of 30 quid headphones and for their price I'm quite happy to recommend them.

Surprisingly good sound quality.
Appear to be well made
Case seems to be sturdy
Good wireless range
Remote Volume Controls
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