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Dudios Shuttle, A Pleasant Inexpensive Wireless

Pros - Near neutral signature, EQ correctable lower treble spike, good battery life

Cons - early roll-off on both ends, connectivity only average with no aptX-HD or LDAC

Alright, there is no getting around the fact that the stick earbud craze is now in full swing with everyone wanting to have an i-bud knock off. These follow that pattern of circular earpiece at top and stick with mic at the leading end. Shells are 3 parts with an inner shell with nozzle, a mid-shell that contains the driver and electronics, and an outer face plate that buttons the unit up. The faceplate has LEDs high on the rear edge for pairing and charging indicators The charging connectors and microphone are in the stick portion of the mid-shell along with the L/R indicators. The Nozzle is the sole feature of the inner shell and exits from the front most edge with a forward rake. Nozzles themselves are fairly short with a pronounced lip for tip holding and take standard sized (t400) tips. Fit is fairly comfortable comfortable as the portion that sits in ear is on the smaller side but tip selection does make a big difference in comfort and due to the fairly deep insertion, I did switch to a size smaller tip. Controls are touch sensors on the outer shell which is nice as it doesn't require a press that pushes the bud further into your ear in order to activate the functions. It does take a bit of getting used to.

Dudios is fairly tight lipped about the technology inside the Shuttle but we were able to find enough to state that each side has a single dynamic driver of roughly 10mm in size, a touch sensor, BT receiver board, a battery & charging circuit, and a microphone. Dudios website claims upgraded drivers and software compared to previous versions to improve sound quality and touch control latency. The case battery is listed at 650mAh while the batteries in the earpieces themselves are not specified.

The Shuttle is listed as supporting Bluetooth 5.0 but no details are listed regarding aptX support. The earpieces automatically go into pairing mode when removed from the case, and will automatically re-pair to the last source used if available when you take them out of the case. Once connected, I found they did well as long as they were kept within about 25 feet of the source in open space. Walls did defeat the signal fairly easily as sometimes a single layer of drywall was enough to cause drops while at other times it took two layers to defeat the signal.


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