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Dudios Dubuds – Hands-on Review

Dudios has proved that innovation is vital for a thriving business in this stagnant industry. This brings me to their latest and top of the tier earbuds, the Dudios Dubuds. At roughly 50$, Dubuds pack everything that you can ask for in earbuds PLUS A POWERBANK TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE. Shocked, aren't you?

The package comes in with a charging case that holds the earbuds, a USB to USB Type C cable, and the manual. As I mentioned earlier that the charging case for Dubuds can be used to charge the phone, it is quite bigger. The case features a nice matte black finish to it and the same goes for the earbuds. The case has a magnet mechanism that keeps the lid shut tightly. The Dubuds sports a modern look which enhances the premium feel to them and the user-friendly design makes the multifunction button much easier to interact with. The next part I would like to talk about is the design of the diaphragm (the end of earbuds that goes in your ears). Dubuds have a flat style diaphragm that delivers audio to your ears.

Besides, Dubuds supports SBC and AAC audio codecs and the larger 14.2 mm audio driver helps it delivers a deep Bass and a good balance between mids and highs. I also find the vocals to be a lot clearer on them. I would truly recommend this to anyone who is looking for anything that sounds great but doesn’t break your bank. I have also tried using these with my PC but I feel they sound much better with my phone.

Dubuds packs Bluetooth 5.0 which has become the new standard for wireless connectivity. It ensures super quick pairing, low latency, and a greater range. This also allows you to connect it to any Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones and PCs. Pairing on Dububs is quite easy. For the first time, just remove the earbuds from the case and put them in your ear. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and then press the MF button for 1.5 seconds on both earbuds and this will turn them on. Now, head over to your Bluetooth settings and find the device named Dudios Dubus and then tap to connect, viola! Don’t worry, you won’t have to pair them every time as Dubuds remembers previously connected devices.

Here comes the innovation that I was talking about at the beginning of this post, a whopping 2600mAh battery on the charging case. But you might say, that doesn’t sound a lot, on paper yes because it’s a charging case for EARBUDS. So hear me out. This massive battery can charge your earbuds for almost 20 times which is absolutely insane. I doubt anyone will ever charge their earbuds that many times on a single charge of the case or maybe the battery will discharge on its own if not used for long but 20 times is still insane.


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